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Bess on leasing market In Poland

leasingIn first part of year covernant deal worth 40% less than in the same time year ago. Value of  leasing agreement was about 18% less. In case of All market amount to 38%. Confirm it breakdown of investment small and big industries said representatives of Polish Leasing Ascertain.
Worth of personal things leasinged in first part of 2009 has totaled 9,7 billion PLN (16,2 billion PLN year ago) Still most soundly fall sector of cargo vehicles has been lesainged 65,7% less. Agreements of leasing of personal and delivery cars was less of about 32,7%. Deteriorating from quarter to quarter sale of leasing agreements of easy vehicles commands that good sale of personal cars in first part of year result from boosted shopping of foreigners, not from firms investments. Data of  Cepik indicate at least 20% decrease of registration new cars in Poland. In segment of estate, relatively smallest decreases has achieved sector of machines and IT. It result from greater interest leasing firms with higher value transactions. Average value of transaction both segments growth 21%.

Value of estate leasinged in first quarter of 2009 has totaled 1335 million PLN that mean 18% decrease in comparison to analogous period year ago. After growth in first quarter, in second was 29% decrease. These dynamics have mirror In falling amount reported transaction, which from 143 last year fall to 104 this year.
Average worth transaction leased estate In first part of year ( 9,9 million PLN) was similar like year ago ( 9,2 million PLN). But these results are considerably less than average from years 2004-2007, totaled 18 million PLN that suggests greater interest firms with smaller transactions. The biggest participation in this market had leased business and service objects (41%), before industrial buildings (19%) and office buildings (14%) For the rest of buildings was 26% of market.
ZPL underlines at the same time that leasing still occupies key place in sponsorship of investment working in economy.Joint value of leased debts in amount 55,4 billion PLN slightly inferior value of the balance of investment loans granted by banks to companies ( 62,1 billion PLN) There is with certitude consequence high development dynamic hat leasing took note in years 2004-2007 when yearly increase value of agreements totaled 32%. Only in last year values of leased debts growth 25%.

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