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Cars imported to Poland hit for borders

traficFlowing freely re-export of new cars from Poland to western countries of European Union mainly form Germany. Transaction between polish and German dealers fosters weakness polish currency.  Difference in prices in German and Polish salons up to few thousands Euro.

Actually difference in prices after conversion PLN to Euro in case of smallest cars from A and B segment up to 3 thousand Euro write Dziennik.  In case of cars from higher segments differences are else high but in view of decrease of demand, interest with there is smaller.

Situation is order in case of smaller vehicles, which popularity in Germany from beginning of year grow in connection with the introduction of by German government worth 2,5 thousand euro discounts paid in return for scrapping old vehicles. Real hits are Fiat 500 and Ford Ka, which are produced in thousands Fiat factories. There are of lesser interest also Opel Corsa, Alfa MiTo, Ford Fiesta or Fiat Panda.
Polish dealers don’t have yet to search sale canal because regular tap for they representatives of foreign firms, say Natalia OliÅ„ska from Car Group, independent cars importer. In Her opinion from beginning of year, to western clients could hit in this way yet 20 thousand vehicles. As she say, vehicles hit mainly to Germany, Though happen also clients from Belgium, Netherlands or Austria.  phenomenon co-option in last time on power, confirm Andrzej Halerewicz from JATO Dynamics, Firms monitoring automotive market. And add – practically every seller of new cars with witch I took, receive a few questions of this type.

Procedure of this type, Although legal, reluctant to be adopted by official importers. Automotive concerns so differentiate their prices stosing him to specifity of each market. Therefore just only from this case there often to do much differences in car prices on individual European markets. It open the way do business markets collateral dominators by independent brookes which find in world for their clients the most attractive offers for mark phenomenon co-option on power in last year when PLN grow so Euro and Dolar decrease In that time number of new cars Has been increased delivered to Poland from western countries of EU and from USA

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