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Communication between vehicles at last possible?

Trucks which can automatically recognize dangerous situations on the Road, even before the driver I available to do it? In the coming decades it can occur real…

In the second half of October Volvo Trucks with several partners will present how innovative and modern systems of communication between vehicles and the environment can contribute to the increase of safety on the roads. This show is going to take place on a testing course which is localized near Frankfurt in Germany.

Roadworks just around the corner, a privileged vehicle coming from behind with a considerable speed, a car which stopped in the middle of a road or even a huge piece of ice on the surface – these are only few examples of situations which can possibly lead to collisions or accidents. Such situations could be avoided if only trucks, cars, motorcycles and an infrastructure have the ability to communicate.

Thanks to modern communication technologies, the driver can be alerted quickly and therefore he can better avoid problematic and potentially dangerous situations. These solutions opens new gates to completely new generation of the systems of security – says Lars-Göran Löwenadler, the manager of safety in Volvo Trucks.

Communication systems presented on the testing course.

There is a Car 2 Car Communications Consortium working in the European Union, and as a part of this, producers of vehicles, providers of systems and scientists have together worked out a system, which allows vehicles and their environment to communicate. In October in Dudenhofen, Germany a first public presentation of a practical applications of this system will take place. A realistic situation will be shown to present how the system works. In the project among the participant there are nine producers of passenger cars and only one producer of trucks.

„Just like the consortium C2C-CC, Volvo Trucks pay attention to the issues of safety, taking into consideration the whole, complex road infrastructure. By taking part in this project, we participate in creating bases for the new, higher level of safety, not only thinking about the drivers of our trucks, but mainly about all road – users in the whole Europe” –  explains Lars-Göran Löwenadler.

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