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How to buy a used car

new-beettle-cabrioletIt is hard to think in our country life completely without a car. Even, if every day we use city communication or bike, our own is no voted help in emergency situations. For people living in small cities and villages, car is real necessary. Not everybody have money to buy car straight from salon. So here is big demand on used cars which keeping good from moment of participation Poland to UE.  Buying a car from offhand can be real occasion, but can happen that becoming by the reason of dishonesty of trade partner genuine nightmare. In our reference book we help how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1.Where to buy?
First decision which we must take, it choice of vendor. We can decide to buy a car from dealer – most of them lead the sale of used cars, often no limiting for one mark. Such solution have big advantages: cars majority came from certain sources, vendor in care of salon reputation not give us ” pig in a poke ” and lends guarantee. Unfortunately bought by this way cars are expensive in comparison with internet auctions even several percents.

We can feel not confident when we buying car in commission sales or internet auction. On auctions especially hard is protect from thieves. However there prices are the best.
Last time especially popular is looking for cars into the internet. Using a services like can be good idea but you must have time to contact with seller.
Interesting option are firms or websites specialized in sale of after-leasing equipment. One of them is, where you can find big choice of vehicles from certain source.

2.Cars out of broad?
As we said, market of used cars speed up in moment of participation our country to EU. From this moment we can buy cars from sellers in whole Europe. Popular stay for buying cars Polish are auto sales in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands or France, however from reason of high Euro rate this option lose on her attractively.  We not should go abroad without person which know local language, terms and situation on these car market. In this way, we arrange for further scams

3.What call attention on?
Curse for buying new cars are bad regulated numerators which shows course few times less than this really had place. Does not have simple manner to alarm before cheating. In better situation are persons interested with new cars.
Electronic save number of drived kilometers is possible to check in majority of new cars better classes. Unfortunately scammers improved their techniques and most of them can delete all imprint of real course.
Left only going for help to expert staff which on base of degree of expenditure part will define credible course of vehicle. Complex review and opinion on technique state we can make also in authorized service stations.

Contrary to, it is possible to hear that sometimes, there is not bureaucratic nightmare use car purchased If we acquire it from private person, there will be wanted agreement -sale purchased and tax form PCC-3/PCC-3A. We can find them exemplars without difficulty in internet. from former owner we should receive proof of payment of OC insurance and card of vehicle. If we fetch car out of border, we must produce card of vehicle . We manage with all documents for office of city to registration car.

Most bought cars in last year
British motorization magazine What Cars every year publics list of best used cars. In 2008 year ranking won Ford Focus. Under we present winners in different categories:

Small City car: Ford Fiesta
Compact: Ford Focus
Medium class:  Ford Mondeo
Combi: Mercedes E280 CDI
Minivan: Opel Zafira
SUV: Land Rover Discovery
High class: BMW 520d
Sport car: Nissan 350 Z

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