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Ice age of Polish harbour

cargo shiping

cargo shiping

Transported through refrigerated cargo containers food is increasingly going into the containers and they are tasty morsel for almost every port. In Szczecin prevent them gaining too shallow fairway and deficiencies in port infrastructure. Good marks for the meet officials who seek not to inhibit the flow of goods susceptible to corruption.

Refrigerated, which from its English name is called reefer, it ships to carry goods at a given temperature below or just above zero. Their main charge is cooled and frozen food products, including fruits (bananas, oranges, lemons), fish, seafood and meat. Appropriate conditions for their transport, handling and storage are crucial not only for economic reasons. Corruption may indeed beyond food starting financial, also become a threat to health and even life of the people eating it.

Refrigerated recent meeting was devoted to the maritime industry, which was held under the slogan: “Szczecin – a city-friendly reefers. Participants as assessed that, as in other sectors of maritime transport, more and more refrigerated cargo containers. For the first time he was transported in containers between two ports in 1956, driving the rash reefer came true but only in recent years. Militate in favor of the low transport costs and short time of unloading

-Traditional Reeferships problem several days of unloading in port. In the case of containers, the problem is resolved. Therefore, the whole world uses it increasingly – Sophie assessed Jozwiak, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport Maritime Academy in Szczecin.

There are two solutions here. In the first properly designed containers are transported in the marine cold. In the second much more modern solution, the containers are equipped with its own cooling system. Thus when connected to power can be transported without external cooling in the holds of ships or so stored in the container terminals.

Therefore, there is however the first problem for the port of Szczecin. Adapted to transport refrigerated containers from the ships are usually quite slender and have a great draft. Meanwhile, amounting to 10.5 meters depth technical fairway Szczecin-Swinoujscie can affect individuals with a maximum draft of 9.15 meters. In practice, therefore, closed the port for large reefers containers. The situation could change for the benefit only if the postulated since the deepening of the fairway to 12.5 meters. For now, however due to lack of money in the budget are problems with maintaining the current depth of the track, so the need for such modernization will probably have to wait a lot.

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