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Paccar honored for ecological operations in hard times

Kenworth firm, one from one of mark of Paccar concern to which belongs also DAF has received prestigious award Fineness in sphere of clean air from American agency of environmental protection (EPA). Kenworth is first producer of utilitarian vehicles which receive this honorable mention from moment of revolt of award in 2000 year. American agency of environmental protection has appreciated appreciate innovatory operations in favor of development of friendly for environmental cars.

Economy still wrestles with many problems. Decently largeness transportation accompany hard economic conditions related with fall in sphere of residential and industrial construction. Decreased production of car industry smaller expenses in business sector and weak results of retail vendors says vice-president of Paccar firm, Tom Plimpton. Production of trucks in north America and Europe in second quarter was lower of 5-10% in comparison with first quarter, increments of firms weakening. Results of sales of Paccar firm in second quarter show weakest production capacity of industry and they mean decrease of increment from sector of truck in comparison for first quarter.

Paccar try to limit operative expenses because want to accommodate for hard market situation. Plimpton has added Come optimistic news, that national transport firms plan exchange cars to new, because it is for they more profitable as that maintenance of old trucks is more and more expensive.

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