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Transport in Poland is slightly Better

Transport in Poland is slightly Better – as wrote ‘Rzeczpospolita’, the logistics industry is beginning to feel a revival. Companies from industry are counting to maintain last year turns and some even on the increase. Is this announcement the end of the economic crisis?

According to ‘Rzeczypospolita’, it was the first transport companies have begun to feel the effects of the crisis and the first to feel the upcoming revival.

How to claim questioned by journal managers from transport companies, are seen the first signs of revival in the market. Already the end of the first quarter pointed to stabilize demand and cautious forecasts assume that the industry can have the worst behind us.

According to experts from TNT, the increase in the number of orders yield chiefly increased interest with outsourcing. It is difficult to determine whether this situation increase the value of the market, estimated by the Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics at 35 billion PLN. While demand on air services fall, grow request mainly in road transport.

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