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Truckermania an international final of Drivers League

More than 9 thousand of truck drivers not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East and the Republic of South Africa were competing in the eliminations of economical driving, which took place in June. The one, who will finally win the competition, would be the master of International Drivers League. Among the finalists there will also be Polish truck drivers.

The leaders of national competitions are waiting to know who will be the best one, the one who can match safety and dexterity with the most economical driving. Somebody who can pay attention to all of these aspects can be named a really good truck driver.
“The participation of over nine thousand truck drivers from 290 transport companies shows, how much our clients care about the low fuel consumption. We have also the evidence, that drivers still wants to compete with the others and have a good fun at the same time, too says Markus Lipinsy, the manager of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH.

The partners of this year FleetBoard Drivers League are: Michelin, Krone, Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems, Voith, UTA, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay oraz Fernfahrer. Thez are going to fund the prizes for the best ones. For example, the winner will be able to take place in the Truck Race Competition in Spain and will also get a one-week stay in Madrid for two people (founded by UTA). The next one will receive VIP tickets for the final races during DTM, also for two people. The others can count on tire sets or high class watches founded by Michelin.

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