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Volvo take big contract to China

Big contract to China

Volvo Buses together with Sunwin Bus delegation has signed with Bashi Group firm from Shanghai frame agreement to supply 1500 buses. Value of contract totals about 116 million euro but supplies of busses will last for opening of next year’s exhibition World Expo in Shanghai. Shanghai actually invest to modernization and boost of efficiency of public transport. Investments will last for opening of exhibition World Expo, which will proceed 1st May 2010 year. Theme of performance sound “Better city, better life”

Boost amount of buses and their modernization is the most important part of venture – it says Lars Blom, director of Volvo Buses in China. His integral part state bringing up of quality of bus fleet through buying Volvo buses and investment to buses friendly environment It guarantee shopping at our representative of Sunwin Bus firm, will be company of joint venture Volvo Buses and Shanghai Automotive Industry Co. Frame agreement says on 1 500 busses, half from it are Volvo B7RLE and Volvo B6R buses and rest part are vehicles with Sunwin logo. Sunwin provide buses fueled diesel engines, hybrid buses and electric buses, loaded in night and during stops on bus stations. Agreement sets up that Bashi Group will send orders every month. For today, firm has ordered about 300 buses. Ultimately, will be ordered amount 1500 vehicles with delivery before exhibition World Expo.

Components for Volvo buses under-carriages will be prepared in factory located in Bros. Then will be send to factories in Shanghai where will be assembled and build over. In the same factory are produced Sunwin buses.

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