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Communication between vehicles at last possible?

Trucks which can automatically recognize dangerous situations on the Road, even before the driver I available to do it? In the coming decades it can occur real…

In the second half of October Volvo Trucks with several partners will present how innovative and modern systems of communication between vehicles and the environment can contribute to the increase of safety on the roads. This show is going to take place on a testing course which is localized near Frankfurt in Germany.

Roadworks just around the corner, a privileged vehicle coming from behind with a considerable speed, a car which stopped in the middle of a road or even a huge piece of ice on the surface – these are only few examples of situations which can possibly lead to collisions or accidents. Such situations could be avoided if only trucks, cars, motorcycles and an infrastructure have the ability to communicate.

Thanks to modern communication technologies, the driver can be alerted quickly and therefore he can better avoid problematic and potentially dangerous situations. These solutions opens new gates to completely new generation of the systems of security – says Lars-Göran Löwenadler, the manager of safety in Volvo Trucks.

Communication systems presented on the testing course.

There is a Car 2 Car Communications Consortium working in the European Union, and as a part of this, producers of vehicles, providers of systems and scientists have together worked out a system, which allows vehicles and their environment to communicate. In October in Dudenhofen, Germany a first public presentation of a practical applications of this system will take place. A realistic situation will be shown to present how the system works. In the project among the participant there are nine producers of passenger cars and only one producer of trucks.

„Just like the consortium C2C-CC, Volvo Trucks pay attention to the issues of safety, taking into consideration the whole, complex road infrastructure. By taking part in this project, we participate in creating bases for the new, higher level of safety, not only thinking about the drivers of our trucks, but mainly about all road – users in the whole Europe” –  explains Lars-Göran Löwenadler.

Truckermania an international final of Drivers League

More than 9 thousand of truck drivers not only from Europe, but also from the Middle East and the Republic of South Africa were competing in the eliminations of economical driving, which took place in June. The one, who will finally win the competition, would be the master of International Drivers League. Among the finalists there will also be Polish truck drivers.

The leaders of national competitions are waiting to know who will be the best one, the one who can match safety and dexterity with the most economical driving. Somebody who can pay attention to all of these aspects can be named a really good truck driver.
“The participation of over nine thousand truck drivers from 290 transport companies shows, how much our clients care about the low fuel consumption. We have also the evidence, that drivers still wants to compete with the others and have a good fun at the same time, too says Markus Lipinsy, the manager of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH.

The partners of this year FleetBoard Drivers League are: Michelin, Krone, Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems, Voith, UTA, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay oraz Fernfahrer. Thez are going to fund the prizes for the best ones. For example, the winner will be able to take place in the Truck Race Competition in Spain and will also get a one-week stay in Madrid for two people (founded by UTA). The next one will receive VIP tickets for the final races during DTM, also for two people. The others can count on tire sets or high class watches founded by Michelin.

Ice age of Polish harbour

cargo shiping

cargo shiping

Transported through refrigerated cargo containers food is increasingly going into the containers and they are tasty morsel for almost every port. In Szczecin prevent them gaining too shallow fairway and deficiencies in port infrastructure. Good marks for the meet officials who seek not to inhibit the flow of goods susceptible to corruption.

Refrigerated, which from its English name is called reefer, it ships to carry goods at a given temperature below or just above zero. Their main charge is cooled and frozen food products, including fruits (bananas, oranges, lemons), fish, seafood and meat. Appropriate conditions for their transport, handling and storage are crucial not only for economic reasons. Corruption may indeed beyond food starting financial, also become a threat to health and even life of the people eating it.

Refrigerated recent meeting was devoted to the maritime industry, which was held under the slogan: “Szczecin – a city-friendly reefers. Participants as assessed that, as in other sectors of maritime transport, more and more refrigerated cargo containers. For the first time he was transported in containers between two ports in 1956, driving the rash reefer came true but only in recent years. Militate in favor of the low transport costs and short time of unloading

-Traditional Reeferships problem several days of unloading in port. In the case of containers, the problem is resolved. Therefore, the whole world uses it increasingly – Sophie assessed Jozwiak, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Transport Maritime Academy in Szczecin.

There are two solutions here. In the first properly designed containers are transported in the marine cold. In the second much more modern solution, the containers are equipped with its own cooling system. Thus when connected to power can be transported without external cooling in the holds of ships or so stored in the container terminals.

Therefore, there is however the first problem for the port of Szczecin. Adapted to transport refrigerated containers from the ships are usually quite slender and have a great draft. Meanwhile, amounting to 10.5 meters depth technical fairway Szczecin-Swinoujscie can affect individuals with a maximum draft of 9.15 meters. In practice, therefore, closed the port for large reefers containers. The situation could change for the benefit only if the postulated since the deepening of the fairway to 12.5 meters. For now, however due to lack of money in the budget are problems with maintaining the current depth of the track, so the need for such modernization will probably have to wait a lot.

How to buy a used car

new-beettle-cabrioletIt is hard to think in our country life completely without a car. Even, if every day we use city communication or bike, our own is no voted help in emergency situations. For people living in small cities and villages, car is real necessary. Not everybody have money to buy car straight from salon. So here is big demand on used cars which keeping good from moment of participation Poland to UE.  Buying a car from offhand can be real occasion, but can happen that becoming by the reason of dishonesty of trade partner genuine nightmare. In our reference book we help how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1.Where to buy?
First decision which we must take, it choice of vendor. We can decide to buy a car from dealer – most of them lead the sale of used cars, often no limiting for one mark. Such solution have big advantages: cars majority came from certain sources, vendor in care of salon reputation not give us ” pig in a poke ” and lends guarantee. Unfortunately bought by this way cars are expensive in comparison with internet auctions even several percents.

We can feel not confident when we buying car in commission sales or internet auction. On auctions especially hard is protect from thieves. However there prices are the best.
Last time especially popular is looking for cars into the internet. Using a services like can be good idea but you must have time to contact with seller.
Interesting option are firms or websites specialized in sale of after-leasing equipment. One of them is, where you can find big choice of vehicles from certain source.

2.Cars out of broad?
As we said, market of used cars speed up in moment of participation our country to EU. From this moment we can buy cars from sellers in whole Europe. Popular stay for buying cars Polish are auto sales in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands or France, however from reason of high Euro rate this option lose on her attractively.  We not should go abroad without person which know local language, terms and situation on these car market. In this way, we arrange for further scams

3.What call attention on?
Curse for buying new cars are bad regulated numerators which shows course few times less than this really had place. Does not have simple manner to alarm before cheating. In better situation are persons interested with new cars.
Electronic save number of drived kilometers is possible to check in majority of new cars better classes. Unfortunately scammers improved their techniques and most of them can delete all imprint of real course.
Left only going for help to expert staff which on base of degree of expenditure part will define credible course of vehicle. Complex review and opinion on technique state we can make also in authorized service stations.

Contrary to, it is possible to hear that sometimes, there is not bureaucratic nightmare use car purchased If we acquire it from private person, there will be wanted agreement -sale purchased and tax form PCC-3/PCC-3A. We can find them exemplars without difficulty in internet. from former owner we should receive proof of payment of OC insurance and card of vehicle. If we fetch car out of border, we must produce card of vehicle . We manage with all documents for office of city to registration car.

Most bought cars in last year
British motorization magazine What Cars every year publics list of best used cars. In 2008 year ranking won Ford Focus. Under we present winners in different categories:

Small City car: Ford Fiesta
Compact: Ford Focus
Medium class:  Ford Mondeo
Combi: Mercedes E280 CDI
Minivan: Opel Zafira
SUV: Land Rover Discovery
High class: BMW 520d
Sport car: Nissan 350 Z

DAF fleet truck of year in Great Britain

dafDuring ceremony hand prestigious awards Motor Transport Award 2009 in London, model DAF CF85 the second time from row became honored title of Fleet truck of year. Awards “Motor Transport Awards” are honorable mention In British transport industry transmitted by branch magazine Motor Transport.

Model CF85 meets all requirements of operators in range cost managements and drivers satisfaction – recognized jury after conducting of comparison trucks, which found their selves in final five.
Model CF85 or his precursors nine times became winners in “Motor Transport Awards It is for us confirm that operators accepting our development works and intend to improving this model. As you can see, we became honored because we create cars with good parameters in range protection of environment and high level of security – said Ashworth
Motor Transport awards are conceded 23 years. In this time DAF firm achieve it 12 times.

Bess on leasing market In Poland

leasingIn first part of year covernant deal worth 40% less than in the same time year ago. Value of  leasing agreement was about 18% less. In case of All market amount to 38%. Confirm it breakdown of investment small and big industries said representatives of Polish Leasing Ascertain.
Worth of personal things leasinged in first part of 2009 has totaled 9,7 billion PLN (16,2 billion PLN year ago) Still most soundly fall sector of cargo vehicles has been lesainged 65,7% less. Agreements of leasing of personal and delivery cars was less of about 32,7%. Deteriorating from quarter to quarter sale of leasing agreements of easy vehicles commands that good sale of personal cars in first part of year result from boosted shopping of foreigners, not from firms investments. Data of  Cepik indicate at least 20% decrease of registration new cars in Poland. In segment of estate, relatively smallest decreases has achieved sector of machines and IT. It result from greater interest leasing firms with higher value transactions. Average value of transaction both segments growth 21%.

Value of estate leasinged in first quarter of 2009 has totaled 1335 million PLN that mean 18% decrease in comparison to analogous period year ago. After growth in first quarter, in second was 29% decrease. These dynamics have mirror In falling amount reported transaction, which from 143 last year fall to 104 this year.
Average worth transaction leased estate In first part of year ( 9,9 million PLN) was similar like year ago ( 9,2 million PLN). But these results are considerably less than average from years 2004-2007, totaled 18 million PLN that suggests greater interest firms with smaller transactions. The biggest participation in this market had leased business and service objects (41%), before industrial buildings (19%) and office buildings (14%) For the rest of buildings was 26% of market.
ZPL underlines at the same time that leasing still occupies key place in sponsorship of investment working in economy.Joint value of leased debts in amount 55,4 billion PLN slightly inferior value of the balance of investment loans granted by banks to companies ( 62,1 billion PLN) There is with certitude consequence high development dynamic hat leasing took note in years 2004-2007 when yearly increase value of agreements totaled 32%. Only in last year values of leased debts growth 25%.

Cars imported to Poland hit for borders

traficFlowing freely re-export of new cars from Poland to western countries of European Union mainly form Germany. Transaction between polish and German dealers fosters weakness polish currency.  Difference in prices in German and Polish salons up to few thousands Euro.

Actually difference in prices after conversion PLN to Euro in case of smallest cars from A and B segment up to 3 thousand Euro write Dziennik.  In case of cars from higher segments differences are else high but in view of decrease of demand, interest with there is smaller.

Situation is order in case of smaller vehicles, which popularity in Germany from beginning of year grow in connection with the introduction of by German government worth 2,5 thousand euro discounts paid in return for scrapping old vehicles. Real hits are Fiat 500 and Ford Ka, which are produced in thousands Fiat factories. There are of lesser interest also Opel Corsa, Alfa MiTo, Ford Fiesta or Fiat Panda.
Polish dealers don’t have yet to search sale canal because regular tap for they representatives of foreign firms, say Natalia OliÅ„ska from Car Group, independent cars importer. In Her opinion from beginning of year, to western clients could hit in this way yet 20 thousand vehicles. As she say, vehicles hit mainly to Germany, Though happen also clients from Belgium, Netherlands or Austria.  phenomenon co-option in last time on power, confirm Andrzej Halerewicz from JATO Dynamics, Firms monitoring automotive market. And add – practically every seller of new cars with witch I took, receive a few questions of this type.

Procedure of this type, Although legal, reluctant to be adopted by official importers. Automotive concerns so differentiate their prices stosing him to specifity of each market. Therefore just only from this case there often to do much differences in car prices on individual European markets. It open the way do business markets collateral dominators by independent brookes which find in world for their clients the most attractive offers for mark phenomenon co-option on power in last year when PLN grow so Euro and Dolar decrease In that time number of new cars Has been increased delivered to Poland from western countries of EU and from USA

Paccar honored for ecological operations in hard times

Kenworth firm, one from one of mark of Paccar concern to which belongs also DAF has received prestigious award Fineness in sphere of clean air from American agency of environmental protection (EPA). Kenworth is first producer of utilitarian vehicles which receive this honorable mention from moment of revolt of award in 2000 year. American agency of environmental protection has appreciated appreciate innovatory operations in favor of development of friendly for environmental cars.

Economy still wrestles with many problems. Decently largeness transportation accompany hard economic conditions related with fall in sphere of residential and industrial construction. Decreased production of car industry smaller expenses in business sector and weak results of retail vendors says vice-president of Paccar firm, Tom Plimpton. Production of trucks in north America and Europe in second quarter was lower of 5-10% in comparison with first quarter, increments of firms weakening. Results of sales of Paccar firm in second quarter show weakest production capacity of industry and they mean decrease of increment from sector of truck in comparison for first quarter.

Paccar try to limit operative expenses because want to accommodate for hard market situation. Plimpton has added Come optimistic news, that national transport firms plan exchange cars to new, because it is for they more profitable as that maintenance of old trucks is more and more expensive.

Volvo take big contract to China

Big contract to China

Volvo Buses together with Sunwin Bus delegation has signed with Bashi Group firm from Shanghai frame agreement to supply 1500 buses. Value of contract totals about 116 million euro but supplies of busses will last for opening of next year’s exhibition World Expo in Shanghai. Shanghai actually invest to modernization and boost of efficiency of public transport. Investments will last for opening of exhibition World Expo, which will proceed 1st May 2010 year. Theme of performance sound “Better city, better life”

Boost amount of buses and their modernization is the most important part of venture – it says Lars Blom, director of Volvo Buses in China. His integral part state bringing up of quality of bus fleet through buying Volvo buses and investment to buses friendly environment It guarantee shopping at our representative of Sunwin Bus firm, will be company of joint venture Volvo Buses and Shanghai Automotive Industry Co. Frame agreement says on 1 500 busses, half from it are Volvo B7RLE and Volvo B6R buses and rest part are vehicles with Sunwin logo. Sunwin provide buses fueled diesel engines, hybrid buses and electric buses, loaded in night and during stops on bus stations. Agreement sets up that Bashi Group will send orders every month. For today, firm has ordered about 300 buses. Ultimately, will be ordered amount 1500 vehicles with delivery before exhibition World Expo.

Components for Volvo buses under-carriages will be prepared in factory located in Bros. Then will be send to factories in Shanghai where will be assembled and build over. In the same factory are produced Sunwin buses.

Transport in Poland is slightly Better

Transport in Poland is slightly Better – as wrote ‘Rzeczpospolita’, the logistics industry is beginning to feel a revival. Companies from industry are counting to maintain last year turns and some even on the increase. Is this announcement the end of the economic crisis?

According to ‘Rzeczypospolita’, it was the first transport companies have begun to feel the effects of the crisis and the first to feel the upcoming revival.

How to claim questioned by journal managers from transport companies, are seen the first signs of revival in the market. Already the end of the first quarter pointed to stabilize demand and cautious forecasts assume that the industry can have the worst behind us.

According to experts from TNT, the increase in the number of orders yield chiefly increased interest with outsourcing. It is difficult to determine whether this situation increase the value of the market, estimated by the Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics at 35 billion PLN. While demand on air services fall, grow request mainly in road transport.

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